Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


  • At DekhBhaal we are committed to providing our clients with exceptional services. As providing this service involves the collection, use and disclosure of some personal information about our clients or their patients and protecting their personal information is one of our highest priorities.  Your privacy is important to us. This privacy policy is intended to give you confidence for the privacy and security of the personal information we obtain from you.
  • We will inform our clients about how and why we collect their information and how we only handle their given details in a manner that a reasonable person would be engaged with them for services.

Use of Personal Information

  • We use personal information to allow us to process your service requests, provide send out invoices, letters and updates for our services, and enable us to improve the services we offer. We may occasionally carry out market research and send you details of services that we think may be of interest to you. If you do not wish to receive such information, please e-mail or, alternatively, when we send you an e-mail, it will contain a provision for you to opt out of receiving any further information from us.
  • Your personal information and information about your patient’s illness is kept highly confidential and we do not share them with any third parties.
  • Your name, residential address, email address, office address and contact number, residential and cellular contact numbers, CNIC #’s, medical history and records, employment information and references will be collected by our personnel.
  • We use this information to verify your identity, to ensure that our staff is at a reliable place.
  • We may further use this information to keep you updated about our upcoming projects and offers. You can expect a surprise season’s greetings too from our team on gazetted occasions.

Disclosure of Personal Information

  • We may provide information about you to our employees and staff in order to administer any accounts and services provided to you. Hence, your data/information provided to us is never disclosed or sold to outside parties.

What Information Do We Collect

  • We collect general information regarding your patient and their illness, in order to advise and recommend the best staff for you. The complete medical history is collected to provide relevant person having the expertise in that specific field.

Policy Changes

  • Changes in this policy will be posted on our website. You are advised to check our website regularly to view our most recent privacy policy and further updates about our services.