Is Dekh Bhaal an agency?
To an extent, Yes, Dekh Bhaal is a more reformed form of a nominal nursing agency running from almost every area of the city.

What does the term medical assistance means?
Medical assistance means providing help to patients which is given by trained and experienced professionals.

Why do I need a nurse if my patient is not critically ill?
It is not always suggested that you opt for a nurse, once we probe the details of the patient from you; we recommend you accordingly with the staff that should be suitable as per your requirement.

Who are the people you have for services?
We have categorized our staff board as per their experience and education. You will find Staff nurses male-female, aid nurses, midwives, paramedical staff, attendants, chiropractors and physiotherapists.

Are they reliable and trustworthy?
Yes, they are checked thoroughly by our teams. We make sure that the credentials of all the staff personnel are verified before they are registered with DekhBhaal.

Can DekhBhaal help me find assistance?
DekhBhaal…is available at your service. Our executives are ready to provide you all the details and will guide you step by step on how you can make a booking with us.

Will my illness history be kept confidential?
We give you 100% surety that all the details provided by you and that is related to you is kept highly confidential.

How can you assist me online in selecting a person?
We take down the complete details of your patient and accordingly recommend you with relevant staff.

What if I don’t need a nurse after sometime but would need someone’s assistance? Do you have staff except nurses?
Yes, we do have staff other than staff nurses and if you wish to have a prolonged service you can definitely opt for any one of it. You can find the categories of the staff on our website.

Can I have a pre-booking for a nurse before my delivery date? How will that work?
Yes, you can book a nurse before your EDD (due date). Just let us know the arrival date of your angel and we will arrange an assistant for you.

Do you provide staff in Karachi only? Are they available for other cities or may be country?
Our services are available for the patients according to their needs. We have multiple nurses working abroad with our clients as their private nurses. Once we complete the formalities, with the consent of the staff we arrange our services outside the city and country too.

Will we get any receipt of confirmation for the payment?
Yes, as we look forward to maintain transparency in the relationship with all our clients, we will provide a receipt for all the payments done by you

What will be the duty hours of the staff?
The duty hours for a staff is 12 hours a day i.e. from 8 am to 8 pm and from 8pm to 8am, however we can be flexible in it as per our client’s requirements. Further, the hours for other staff will be according to the patient’s requirements.

What if we are not satisfied with your staff and do not wish to continue with him/her?
Your satisfaction is our utmost effort, still if for any reason you are not satisfied with the services, we are available to assist you with that and make sure that you do not leave with regrets.

How can I make a complaint about your staff?
You can reach us conveniently via phone or email. Our personnel are always available to assist you.

If I require a nurse after a day can I book them on such a short notice?
Yes, you can surely book a nurse in any sort of an emergency situation.

Are we supposed to offer meals in duty hours to the staff?
Yes, since the staff provided is as a privately hired person, their meals are to be borne by the client.

Will you provide me a copy of the credentials of staff nurses etc. for my record?
We have a maintained system for the records of all the employees we have on board. However, if due to any reason the client needs to have a copy of the identity card, we can provide that (according to our terms & conditions).

Is there any specific tenure of agreement for the services I want?
No, you can hire a staff for as long as you require their assistance.

Is the staff reliable enough to do the IV infusions etc.?
Yes, we have highly qualified, competent and experienced staff who can easily do the IV infusions. We will never recommend you any person who is not capable of doing it.