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We are just a phone call away, let us know what illness your patient is suffering from and we will recommend you the accurate person. Be it a bed patient, a prolonged paralysis attack patient, patients on machines, newly delivered mothers, toddler sitters, Cardiac patients, chronic illness patients etc, we suggest you the right person. We have a complete diversified staff segregation unit which helps our patient to choose from the required field. Day/Night shift staff is available at your service. We take complete ownership of the staff’s reliability sent to your homes and make sure that you receive the services better than your expectations. Feel free to call us anytime for any ambiguities related to your query or the staff hired.

We at “Dekh Bhal” are “Taking Care”


Suite No 101, 01st Floor
Ahmed Arcade, Block 5, Clifton
Karachi, Pakistan

Tel: ⁠⁠⁠0333-1301221